Tune your skis or board & hit the slopes, rent a snowbike to try this winter's hottest new sport or assemble a custom longboard or skateboard.


Ski + Snowboard Tuning

Stone Grind + Edge + Hot Wax - $40
Belt Grind + Edge + Hot Wax - $30
Edge Only - $20
Hot Wax Only - $15


Crosscountry Ski Mounting

We have the largest selection of crosscountry ski equipment in Flagstaff
Our professional staff will mount your bindings to your skis & get you set up


Snowbike Rentals

Full day rental with bike + foot skis - $40
Learn more about Snowbiking.

Longboard + Skate Builds

Full service skate shop specializing in buildouts
Choose your board, wheels, trucks, bearings + hardware
For buying with us, we take %15 off full price